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What is a Garden Office Pod?

A garden office pod is a detached structure that can be used by anyone looking to work or study from home. They are fully insulated, built to a high specification, and have everything needed to start working. They provide you with a private space to work from, with the convenience of being in your garden.

Garden offices are insulated, heated, have ample sockets, optional network points, and can be made to work for any business. The size of our office pods varies, but for those looking for a quiet garden office, our 2.0m x 2.0m Tate garden office would be a great choice.

Our garden office pods are great value compared to an extension or loft conversion and allow you to work in a quiet space away from the house.

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We Create, Craft & Construct Luxury Garden Office Pods

Modern Composite Offices

Beautiful Cedar Garden Offices


Working in a garden pod
Garden office pods are insulated, quiet, and away from household distractions. They are low maintenance, let you concentrate on important projects, and allow you to meet clients from your home without the need of tidying up. The garden offices come with multiple sockets, led lighting panels, optional network points and can be used for any purpose. Having a desk on one side of the office and home gym equipment on the other is extremely popular and a requirement for many people working from home.


Garden Office Pods from £13,600 plus vat
There are four standard garden offices available, and they are all displayed within our garden room page. Each of our garden offices is fully customisable and built on-site, with: Foundations | Plastered & Painted Walls | Skirting Board 100mm Premium Insulation | Laminate Flooring (Grey/White/Oak) External Finish in Composite Cladding (Choice of 6-Colours) Double Glazed French or Sliding Doors (White or Grey) Installation | Heating & Electrics (Not including hard wiring to property)

Our Garden Rooms

Grey Composite Garden Rooms:

We offer grey garden rooms for those looking for that contemporary look. The modern feel and appearance will give your garden a stylish look that nearly everyone wants. We can help you design a garden room that will make your garden stand out.

Oak Composite Garden Rooms:

Our oak garden rooms are for someone that wants that traditional wood look, but not the maintenance. The finish of our oak & walnut composite cladding is very natural. We offer these choices for those wanting to add a touch of class to their garden while retaining character.

Composite Garden Offices

My Outhouse garden offices are built to the highest quality and at a reasonable price.
We build garden offices in London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire
and surrounding locations. Our modern garden office pods come in a range of colours, with low-maintenance composite cladding used on the outside of all of our garden offices.
We build high-quality bespoke garden offices and ensure our staff care about building the most attractive composite office pods.

Garden office information

Garden office pods
A garden office building is a freestanding structure that is used by anyone looking to work from home. They are a great option for someone that needs a quiet space to work from. Whether employed or self-employed, a garden office is a peaceful space away from the house.

Insulated garden office in Hertfordshire

Our garden office pods are fully insulated, weather-resistant, and the perfect solution for someone that needs a usable office space all year round. Unlike office sheds, our office buildings remain warm & dry throughout the year, creating a very comfortable office environment. We build quality garden offices quickly and they add a fantastic amount of extra space to your property.
Garden offices come in a huge range of sizes, and they can be built custom to fit in a small garden or very large garden.

Small garden offices in St Albans

If you have a small garden or just need a small garden office to allow you to work from home, we can build an insulated room under 7-square meters in size that will fit in any garden. This will give you enough space for a good-sized desk, draw units and a couple of visitor chairs. Choosing the correct size outhouse is important, especially when building an office in a small courtyard garden in St Albans. Fortunately, we can build our rooms to fit in the smallest of gardens.

Large garden offices

For those that need a spacious room, our large garden offices can be built as big as you need. You will need to ensure your local council has no restrictions on garden buildings. As our garden offices are constructed in your garden, based on the space available, we can build them as large as you like.
A garden office is a garden room that has an endless amount of uses. Whether you intend to work from your garden building, use it as a gym, or have it as a garden bar, the quality of the build can handle a huge range of uses, including the weight of gym equipment.

Benefits of a garden office

As our garden buildings are built to last, you can enjoy your garden office for years to come.


Having a detached room in your garden allows you to work in a private, peaceful environment just a 30-second walk from your home. The office can go anywhere in your garden. It can be positioned with south-facing doors to capture sunlight, at the end of your patio to act as a garden bar, or in a quiet corner at the end of your garden to give you peace and quiet while working.
Garden offices also add space to your home, increasing the value of your house up to 10%. As working from home is becoming more popular, many home buyers are willing to pay premium prices for a property with a separate office in the garden. As Hertfordshire is an expensive county, a garden office can add value to your property.

Do garden offices add value to your property?

Estate agents think garden offices can add fortunes to your property’s value, with houses with garden rooms receiving up to 3x more buyer enquiries. The question to ask is, where do you get a detached structure that can be used all year round for as little as £14,000? This is less money than most conservatories.

Is a garden office a good investment?

Adding extra space to your property will most likely pay off the cost of your garden office when you come to sell your property. If estate agents receive up to 3x more enquiries on properties with garden rooms/offices, that must equate to a higher sale price and a more desirable home.

Consultation & Planning Your Garden Office

We can look at how much space you have for a garden office, and look at which sizes and style of garden office would work best for you.

Garden Office Design & Installation

Now you have selected a garden office, we will look at small details. You can add things like extra sockets, underfloor heating and choose colours.

Completion & Support

Once your garden office is built, one of our quality managers will visit you to check the build meets our quality standards.

Let's design your garden office!

Contact us to design an insulated garden office that will complete the look of your garden, and create a fantastic outdoor space.