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In the realm of outdoor living spaces, the debate between Costco Garden Rooms and My Outhouse is a compelling one. Costco’s offerings are characterised by contemporary aesthetics, professional assembly, and high-grade insulation, while My Outhouse prides itself on its use of durable Canadian Western Red Cedar, superior wall insulation, and a unique, no-dig installation method. 

One’s choice will hinge on personal aesthetics, practical needs, and perhaps even geographic location. 

Key Takeaways

  • Costco Garden Rooms offer modern designs with robust construction and effective insulation for year-round use.
  • My Outhouse provides a personal customisation process, utilising high-quality materials, modern designs and an innovative no-digging approach for stability.
  • Both options provide adequate insulation, with My Outhouse potentially providing superior thermal efficiency due to thicker wall insulation.
  • My Outhouse offers a wider variety of cladding choices and a premium EPDM rubber roof with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The choice between Costco Garden Rooms and My Outhouse largely depends on personal preference and specific needs.

Costco Garden Rooms vs My Outhouse

When comparing Costco Garden Rooms to My Outhouse, it becomes evident that both offer a variety of high-quality, customisable options, but there are key differences in their style options, installation processes, and additional features that make each unique.

Costco Garden Rooms are known for their modern, sleek designs. They come in various sizes, with customisable cladding colours to suit both modern and traditional homes. This versatility in design caters to a broad range of aesthetic preferences. The installation process is professional, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to installation. Costco Garden Rooms also offer premium insulation, promoting energy efficiency and comfort.

On the other hand, My Outhouse boasts its use of SIP panels, which are internationally recognised for their high quality. The insulation comparison between the two indicates that My Outhouse utilises thicker wall insulation, potentially providing superior thermal efficiency. The customisation process with My Outhouse is detailed and personal, allowing for last-minute changes and accommodating unique specifications.

My Outhouse

Switching gears to ‘My Outhouse,’ it’s crucial to highlight what is included within this garden room package. From an analytical perspective, this involves consideration of the quality of materials used, the level of customisation available, and the additional features offered. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the product’s value proposition and its comparative advantages.

What is included?

Offering a wide range of features, the garden room from My Outhouse is custom-designed to cater to individual preferences and budgets. 

Contrasting with Costco summerhouses, it includes SIP panel thermally-insulated walls and roofs, ensuring year-round usability. 

The foundation comparison reveals My Outhouse’s innovative no-digging approach, using high-quality ground screws for stability, and reducing environmental impact. 

The rooms, apt for an office setup, feature an EPDM rubber roof with a lifetime guarantee and contemporary fascia boards for a sleek finish. 

The installation process involves minimal carbon emissions and no garden mess, unlike traditional concrete slabs. 

With over 15 cladding choices and plastered & painted internal walls, My Outhouse offers a detailed, custom experience that stands out in the garden room market.

Costco Garden rooms

Costco Garden Rooms offer a variety of features that distinguish them from other outdoor structures. The range of sizes, customisation options, and high-quality materials make these rooms attractive. 

Furthermore, the installation process and post-installation support contribute to Costco’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

What is included?

When it comes to what’s included in Costco’s garden rooms, the offerings are comprehensive in their quality and design, featuring robust and aesthetically appealing components sourced for their durability and resistance to weather conditions. 

Costco garden rooms are constructed with innovative, eco-friendly materials that enhance durability and aesthetics.

  1. Walls: Costco’s garden rooms have panel walls made from a thick 9mm white MDF board with 75mm thick eco-polymer foam insulation.
  2. Flooring: The design includes 80mm polyurethane insulation, supported by 1mm powder-coated steel for weather resistance.
  3. Roofing: The roofing features a thick 80mm insulated steel panel reinforced with a 1mm powder-coated steel.
  4. Glazing and Guttering: The garden rooms are fitted with Pilkington K Optiwhite double-glazed windows and a 4″ wide guttering system for effective water management.

A short comparison of what is included:

Delving into the intricacies of what each garden room option includes, it’s clear that both Costco and My Outhouse bring unique offerings to the table. Costco outbuildings, known as Basebox, stand out for their robust framework, eco-polymer foam insulation, and treated recycled composite cladding. 

These features ensure strength, resilience, and aesthetic appeal. The Basebox’s flooring is designed to prevent potential dampness, boasting 80mm polyurethane insulation and a 1mm powder-coated steel finish for protection against all weather types. 

The roofing, made with an 80mm insulated steel panel, provides added structural integrity.

On the other hand, My Outhouse offers a high-quality, bespoke design tailored to individual preferences and budgets. They stand out for their thermal insulation, premium roofing materials, and ground screws. 

Ground screws vs concrete pads is a common consideration, but My Outhouse opts for the former for its environmental friendliness and stability. 

The use of ground screws also supports up to 400kg per screw, suitable for uneven surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. With a 150mm insulation in roof panels, My Outhouse excels in heat retention, creating a comfortable, energy-efficient space year-round.

After a comprehensive examination of Costco’s Basebox and My Outhouse garden rooms, it’s clear that both options present unique advantages depending on personal preferences and specific needs. 

Costco’s Basebox garden room offers a versatile, modern design with various styles, installation options, and additional options. Its robust construction, with thick insulation and double-glazed windows, ensures year-round usage.

On the other hand, My Outhouse garden rooms appeal to the wider audience, with the highest quality materials used to construct their buildings. Its turnkey solution includes foundations, installation, and various sizes & styles.

To summarise:

1. Costco’s Basebox: Flexibility in style and installation choices, robust construction, and suitable for all year usage.

2. My Outhouse: High-quality materials for all weather usage, turnkey solution with various sizes and styles.

3. All-Year Usage: Both options provide adequate insulation for year-round usage.

4. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and specific needs.


When the chips are down, the choice between Costco Garden Rooms and My Outhouse hinges on personal tastes and specific needs. 

If you’re swayed by sleek, modern designs with an energy efficiency, Costco is your pick. 

But if you want a high-quality build with superior insulation and a modern construction approach, My Outhouse is hands down the winner. 

Ultimately, each presents a compelling case, leaving you spoilt for choice in the quest for the perfect garden room.