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Concrete Foundations vs Ground Screws – Why Ground Screws Are Better

concrete vs ground screws

In this article we will look at how concrete foundations compete with ground screws, and give our verdict on why we think ground screws are a better foundation choice. Did you know that ground screws can be installed up to 70% faster than traditional concrete foundations? That’s right, not only do they save you time, […]

Costco Garden Rooms VS My Outhouse

Garden room

In the realm of outdoor living spaces, the debate between Costco Garden Rooms and My Outhouse is a compelling one. Costco’s offerings are characterised by contemporary aesthetics, professional assembly, and high-grade insulation, while My Outhouse prides itself on its use of durable Canadian Western Red Cedar, superior wall insulation, and a unique, no-dig installation method.  One’s choice will hinge on […]