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How to Connect Electricity to Your Garden Room

How to connect your garden room to electricity with armoured cable

You’ve taken the leap and built your dream garden room. Now, you’re left in the dark without electricity. This article will shed light on how to power up your garden building. From planning the layout to hiring a pro, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to illuminate your space and bring power to your garden […]

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Garden Room?

Do you need planning permission for a garden room

Do you want to build a garden room but are not sure if you need planning permission? Well, you’re in luck! This article will give you all the information you need to know about planning permission for garden rooms. We’ll discuss the rules and regulations for building a garden room, including size limits, and height […]

Best Heating Options For a Garden Room

Best Heating Options For A Garden Room Shed And Log Cabin

You’re sitting in your garden room, but it’s chilly, and you’re wondering about the best heating options. You’re in luck! We’ve got a rundown of everything from electric radiators to wood burners and even eco-friendly solar heating. We’ll cover the pros and cons, so you can decide what’s right for your outdoor building, whether a […]

What Is the Difference Between a Conservatory and a Garden Room?

What Is The Difference Between A Garden Room And A Conservatory

You’re contemplating adjusting the size of your home but want to know the difference between a conservatory and a garden room? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you navigate this difficult decision and make sure we help you make the right choice. From building process to cost, we’ll unravel the mysteries and highlight the key […]

Can You Live in a Garden Room?

Sleeping In A Garden Room With A Bed

Imagine entering your garden to find a living space nestled among the flowers. That’s what a garden room can offer you. But could you actually live in one? Let’s explore the practicality, benefits, and legalities of calling a garden room your home. You’ll discover why many people are building rooms for family members to sleep […]

Garden Rooms Vs Extensions

An image of a garden room next to a house extension showing the difference of both structures.

Are you at a crossroads in deciding between a garden room or a home extension? Both offer extra space but are apples and oranges in many ways. What is a garden room? Garden rooms are cost-effective, quick to install, and affordable. Plus, you don’t usually need planning permission for a garden room. Extensions can increase […]

Why Building a Garden Room in Ware Will Increase Your Property Value

Did you know garden rooms can boost your property value by up to 5%? If you’re in Ware, Hertfordshire, that’s a significant increase. Garden rooms aren’t just a trend but practical, versatile spaces. Whether it’s an office or a gym, these insulated extensions add square footage and charm to your home. They’re durable, energy-efficient and customisable. […]

5 Reasons A Homeowner Should Build A Garden Room in Brookmans Park

Did you know 60% of Brookmans Park homeowners have seen their property’s value increase with a garden room? You’re missing out if you haven’t considered this addition. It’s not just about financial gain; it’s also about enhancing your lifestyle. We’ll highlight five compelling reasons why you should jump on this trend and build your own […]

5 Reasons Harpenden Houses Need a Garden Room

Ever felt like you’re bursting at the seams in your Harpenden home? Then it’s high time you considered a garden room. They’re not just a trendy investment, but a life-enhancer too! You’ll enjoy fewer distractions, less commute and year-long usefulness. Let’s dive into five compelling reasons why your house deserves this fantastic addition. They are […]

Garden Rooms in Tring – The Perfect Addition to A House

You’re tired, right? After a long commute from Tring to London, wouldn’t you love a peaceful retreat? Imagine transforming your garden into the perfect playroom or tranquil haven. But don’t go it alone. It’s essential you partner with professionals like My Outhouse for your bespoke garden room project in Hertfordshire. Trust us, and it’ll be your […]

Building A Modern Garden Room In St Albans

Modern Garden Room In St Albans

Ever dreamt of expanding your house in St Albans with a garden room? You’re in the right place. We’ll guide you through building a modern garden room, an affordable way to add extra living space. Whether for work, play, or accommodating family, this addition will boost your house’s value and functionality. So why wait? Let’s […]

5 Ways a Garden Room Adds Value to Your Property

Do garden rooms add value to a property? With so many options available when looking to add size to your property, building something that can increase the value of your property while giving you more floor space is ideal for a homeowner. Not everyone wants a larger house, so meeting the needs of a more […]

What Is A Garden Room?

What is a garden room? Does it offer more than just aesthetic value? This article will explore the concept of a garden room by investigating its history, purpose, and advantages over traditional outdoor structures such as sheds & conservatories. A garden room can be defined as an enclosed structure that provides shade and protection from […]

Garden Cinema Room | 3 Must-haves

3 Must-haves in a garden cinema room If you’re looking for a thrilling cinema experience at home, where your mind is turned away from the outside world, investing in a garden room with a noise-proofing system is the best option. Soundproofing your outdoor room means every sound within your cinema space is kept to a […]

Composite Cladding: The Benefits For Your Garden Room

How do you build a garden room that needs next to no maintenance? If you want additional living space in your garden, then chances are you want an outhouse that doesn’t need regular maintenance. This low maintenance material might be the best external finisher for you to include in your garden room project. This new […]

Not Building A Garden Room is Like Throwing Money Down The Drain

You have probably had people tell you that you should invest in your property because that’s what potential buyer’s want. Well, building a garden room was the in thing in 2021, and it does add a bucket load of money to your property value. The question is, should you be spending £15,000? £20,000? or even […]