5 Ways a Garden Room Adds Value to Your Property

Do garden rooms add value to a property? With so many options available when looking to add size to your property, building something that can increase the value of your property while giving you more floor space is ideal for a homeowner. Not everyone wants a larger house, so meeting the needs of a more niche buyer can help the value of your asset.

As someone that worked in the property industry for over 14 years, I can honestly tell you that adding a garden room to your home can increase the value of your property and improve your lifestyle while making the property more attractive to prospective buyers. I was based in Hertfordshire and any home we sold had a premium price tag added to it and a huge appeal to buyers.

For starters, having extra space to work from can seriously increase the kerb appeal of a property when it’s sold, giving a garden a more sophisticated look.

In this article, I’ll look at why outdoor rooms remain so popular among homeowners and how a small investment can enhance the value of your property.

1. More Space Equals More Money

Adding more living space can increase the value of your home while providing you with an amazing workspace or relaxation area. It also gives your family more space to grow, allowing you to use it for additional storage or an extra living area, like a family games room.

Do you ever host or entertain from home and find yourself needing some extra space? Well, many families use their rooms for hosting parties. Having a personal bar at home, with the ability to add a pool table, can uplift your entertainment nights, and many property buyers want this in their future property.

Enhanced Comfort: With more usable square footage, there is room for comfortable furniture, storage, and functional layouts, creating a cosy and inviting environment for everyone.

2. Garden Rooms Appeal To The Modern Lifestyle

Since Covid, many people have been working from home. This has changed the way people are living and using their properties. They provide someone with a good work-life balance, allowing the owner to work from home while separating their professional and personal lives.

Multi-generational living is something that is becoming more common, especially since interest rates have gone through the roof. With more children staying at home in their late 20’s and early 30’s, garden structures provide an opportunity to create a separate living space for adult children or extended family members.

3. Make Your Garden Look Stunning

Buyers often seek properties that align with their desired lifestyle. An attractive garden with well-maintained lawns, flower beds, and a high-quality garden room can provide a lifestyle of enjoyment and leisure, increasing a property’s appeal.

A well thought out garden room is like a blank canvas, just waiting to be built. It can give your garden a fresh, modern look. Whether you want something subtle or bold, a garden building is a great choice. You can use darker shades of composite cladding for a more dramatic feel or combine lighter shades of natural wood with other colours for an eye-catching effect and create a stunning cedar garden room.

With the ability to have a garden room in nearly any shape or size, you can customise one to enhance the appearance of your garden and uplift it massively.

Small square rooms with large windows and French doors can be built in the corner of your garden, providing a subtle uplift in the look. You could build a large structure across the width of your garden, with downlights and huge sliding doors to provide you with a modern feature room.

No matter what type of room you build, you will have an understated yet eye-catching look that will have guests admiring your outside space.

4. Attracting Gym Lovers To Your Property

Many people would love to have a garden office that doubles down as a home gym. Building a garden room that provides space to be used as a fitness area does appeal to a wide audience of potential home-buyers, and it can save you hours of travel time every week.

You can set up all the equipment you like to use and exercise in peace any time of the day or night. You can set your room up for strength training, cardio, yoga, or specialised workouts, without the limitations imposed by the local gym.

Fitness aware buyers will see a huge benefit in having a space to work out from at home, making the property more appealing to them by standing out from others on the market.

5. Garden Offices For Home Work Space

Providing a quiet space to work from home can seriously appeal to house buyers. With so many people working in service-based jobs and not needing to commute to work daily, a dedicated and secluded garden office can really increase your asking price. “A majority of our house buyers are registering with us requesting an extra room to work from”, stated Oliver Cohen – Simmons Estate Agents.

A garden office can be an excellent space for a therapist in Leeds to conduct their practice. Some of the benefits are:

Dedicated Space: A garden office provides a distinct separation from the home, ensuring that therapy sessions are conducted in a professional and private environment.

Side Access: Many garden offices can be designed with side access, allowing clients to enter without going through the main house, enhancing privacy and making the space feel more professional.

Serene Atmosphere: Being surrounded by nature can have a calming effect on clients. The greenery and fresh air contribute to a sense of tranquillity, which is conducive to the therapeutic process.

How Much Value Does A Garden Room Add To A Property?

I have spoken to multiple estate agents about the impact a garden room can have on a house’s value, and each one has stated that buyers love them. There are more viewings, higher offers and faster sale times compared to similar properties in the immediate area that do not have outbuildings in the garden.

Each estate agent stated that depending on the room size, you can expect a £35,000 to £60,000 increase in your property’s sale price if you build a garden room.

This means a garden room can return 50% of the build price, depending on the quality of the build, while increasing the value of the average UK home by 7% to 15%.